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What does your favourite flower say about you?

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that much is clear. You, as a flower specialist know that it is extremely difficult to create arrangements or bouquets that please everyone. That is why so many people have special flowers arrangements made, just for them. Add to that all the different meanings flowers can have, and you have a complicated mix. But, everyone has his or her favourite flower, or maybe even more than one flower gives that special feeling. And there are also flowers that are thoroughly despised by everyone (coronation, I am looking at you!) But what does your favourite flower say about your personality?


Queen of the flowers! If this flower is your favourite, it probably means that you are passionate and romantic. You appreciate keeping your loved ones close, and of course, you love quality and luxury. Roses are amazing versatile flowers, and there is a rose for every occasion!

Gerbera Daisy

Orange, Pink, White, Yellow and Purple, gerbera daisies come in many colours. If you love this flower, you love colours and you like to stand out. Your friends probably know you as the person that isn’t afraid of trying new things… Stand out in the crowd!


You like things that look good. You like to take care of the things around you, and yourself as well. Maybe your standards are a little bit too high sometimes, but who cares? Quality, this is what it is all about if this is your favourite flower. This reflects in your style and your interior.


If Calla Lilies are the flowers of your preference, you like parties! Giving them or attending them, you like the hustle and the bustle and the people. Bold and bright, Calla likes the night! You don’t mind to stand out amongst the daisies!


This flower symbolizes friendship, and that is exactly what you are if you like this flower: the embodiment of a good friend. This flower is the perfect gift for friends, to symbolize friendship. Positive minded, warm and friendly, this isn’t your favourite flower for nothing!


Oh beautiful orchid, exotic and rare, if this is the flower you love, than you are honest and beautiful on the inside and the outside. You don’t fool around and people can depend on you.


Proud and high, the Amaryllis stands tall on its firm stem. This beautiful flowering flower in every colour of the rainbow isn’t known to be shy or hiding away. Just like you it takes life head on, you are sure of yourself. Confidence is your middle name!


Fragile and fragrant, the freesia is a delicate flower. People that like this flower are known to be pure and tasteful. With eye for detail and appreciation for the small things, Freesia is a flower for connoisseurs.

Is your favourite flower in this list? What do you think? Does it match your personality? Or does it just depict part of who you are, and do you feel more like a beautiful arrangement of many different flowers? Let us know!

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