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What happened to the traditional floral bouquet?

What Happened To The Traditional Floral Bouquet?

Traditional floral bouquets are so last season! There is a new trend in town. A floral revolution is happening! Over the last several years, the traditional flower bouquet was given a new counterpart. Although the traditional bouquet is not leaving, we have noticed a big change in flower arranging, styling and displaying. It has become wild and stranger. It is not uncommon to see strands of grass, arching vines, and ferns in the bouquet.

No more politeness

No more neatly arranged lilies or roses, the new bouquet is loose and fluid with lots of individual elements. A big change in trends that were before, which involved fabric as a decoration around the stem or brightly coloured minimal flower arrangements. The trend now is bold, and fresh and derives its main ingredients from what flowers are in season, not what is in demand.

Go outside

The trend is also to be wild, go back to the roots (literally and figuratively) and find flowers outside to combine with our floral favourites. Instagram helped with this trend, as it is almost FOMO-inducing to see amazing pictures of wild blooms everywhere. And this gives us new ideas for our own arranging, right?

Farm flowers

Farm flowers, cut flowers and wild flowers, even weeds can look pretty, and all these ideas come from the digital world. These ideas are spreading because we find them online. And that gives inspiration to a new kind of floral movement. It also gives us insight to where these flowers come from, and that we can also find beauty, at the farm. The farm of flowers to be exact.

Back of the truck

Our way of delivering your flowers, from our truck to your shop, is part of this trend. We only deliver fresh flowers, that are in season, and we have a lot in stock for you to choose from. So, you can go wild and create all the creations of your dreams. Contact us for more information!

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