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Winter blues: typical winter flowers

Winter Flowers Winter Blues

Winter is really here. It’s cold, it rains a lot, maybe even some snow will fall. Since it stays dark so long and gets dark really early, a lot of people get the winter blues. Of course, flowers are a great way to cheer anyone up, also during winter. These typical winter flowers will definitely help to conquer the winter blues.

Flowers that you will see a lot during winter are…

chrysanthemum. To get rid of the winter blues, a chrysanthemum, a flower full of happiness, is a must. You might almost forget that the chrysanthemum was originally yellow, since the flower now comes in an incredibly wide range of colours. The blue chrysanthemum is our favourite since it has such a rich colour, which fits winter perfectly.

amaryllis. The amaryllis is definitely the star of the holiday season, but you will also see it a lot during winter and in early spring. The petals of the amaryllis are very unusual since it looks like they are made out of fabulous velvet. For some warmth during winter choose a white, yellow, salmon or orange amaryllis. So even during winter the amaryllis will bring some sparkle and warmth.

roses. Say hello to the Queen of Flowers, the rose. During the winter months you will see this flower everywhere, since it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Roses are available in red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange and green and all have a different meaning. That makes it pretty hard to choose right? For winter we would suggest some warm toned flowers since they will bring warmth and love to your day.

orchid. Besides the Queen of the Flowers, there is also a Perfect Flower. That Perfect Flower is the orchid. The orchid fits with every style and there are over 25,000 species. To spice things up a little for winter, go for a blue, yellow of tiger printed orchid. Yes, there are also tiger printed orchids, so cool!

anemone. A black heart sounds a bit harsh, but that is not the case regarding the centre of the anemone. This is a really happy flower with a long stem and its soft petals. The anemone has approximately 120 varieties. They are available in white, pink, red, violet, blue and so many more. This makes it the perfect happy flower during the winter time.

tulips. Last but definitely not least, the flower of the month January: tulips. Tulips will definitely cheer up winter with its wide range of colours. Anything from white, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange or green. You can choose any colour that makes you feel a little warm inside. Did you know that nomads brought the colourful flowers to Turkey, where manly sultans started wearing a tulip on their turban? That’s actually how the flower got its name: ‘tulipan’ means ‘turban’.

Winter flowers from Finnflor

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