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Wishing you a blooming good Christmas!

Wishing You A Blooming Good Christmas!

Christmas is almost here, and what a wonderful time it is! It is the time of lights and warm smells and Christmas trees and lots of snow. But did you know you can use flowers in your Christmas decorations as well? And we are not just talking about the good old Poinsettia! Read our holiday tips below.

Roses in your Tree

Why not put your favourite flower in your Christmas tree? You’ll need a lot of roses in your favourite colours and maybe some foliage to add to the tree as well, and iron wire, to attach the roses to the tree. Make sure you leave a little bit of stem to attach the roses with the wire to the tree and voila, beautiful, scented flowers and a Christmas tree people remember! Use glass tubes with water to attach to the tree if you want the roses to keep a bit longer.

Candy Cane vase

Is there anything that puts you in a more festive mood than candy canes? With their red and white stripes these peppermint snacks are the highlight of Christmas. And they make amazing decorations too! All you need is a few of these candies, a rubber band and a vase. Tie the rubber band around the vase and stick the candy canes in the rubber band, with the curve either at the top, or at the bottom. If you want to hide the rubber band you can tie a ribbon over it once you are done. Perfect for all your Christmas bouquets!

Happy Holly!

Looking for something festive but not too festive? Holly, or Ilex is the way to go. These wonderful bright red berries go well in a vase alone, or bring just that festive touch to your flower arrangements and bouquets. It is a real crowd-pleaser.

Follow your nose

Christmas is also a holiday of smells. Winter invokes the warmth of inside, the twinkling of the lights and crisp snowy mornings. But also, smells: the cinnamon smells of gluhwein and glögg, the citrus smells of the dinner table and of course the scent of pine tree and holly. Add these to your flower arrangements; cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, cloves and pine tree for a wonderful aroma of smells that say: Christmas is here!

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